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Take the safe path of natural weight loss with Bella Vi™ products from Absolute Natural Weight Loss in Alice, Texas.


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Maintain a healthy lifestyle with our selection of All-natural Bella Vi products. These weight loss products help suppress your appetite, increase your energy, reset metabolism, and detox your system.


Supreme Slim 5.7


supreme slim 5.7


Supreme Slim 5.7


Bee Pollen Formula Products:


Amp'd Up

amp’d up



Non-Bee Pollen Formula Products:


Bella Vi Intense will suppress and control your appetite as well as in lipolysis ( the breakdown of stored fat ) to help you shed excess fat. The effects can be felt immediately! Bella Vi Intense works with your bodies chemical makeup to target all soft fatty tissue areas such as: stomach, arms, legs, hips, thighs, and buttocks.





Clean Your System

Surprise yourself with the weight and size you can lose by simply cleaning out your system! Our 7-day colon cleanse and digestive enzymes are recommended prior to beginning our other health products. This helps to clean your system of all toxins and parasites and allows better absorption of products giving you maximun weight loss results!


Affordable Weight Loss

Get on the right track and take care of your health and well-being today. Find affordable All-natural weight loss products ranging from $17.50–$35.00 EACH.


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